The Calculus Roundtable creates alternative learning pathways that increase the number of students with higher level math and science skills, especially children of color.

They help schools and districts understand and overcome the obstacles inherent in public education. Their team of education experts work with districts and educational agencies to build programs that are dynamic, educational for educators, replicable and produce data outcomes that measure growth.

They open opportunities for teachers, curriculum directors and public schools systems to learn how new policies can be implement policies that tackle issues of equity and access in a way that manages resources effectively and producing data is manageable, measurable and maps a longitudinal data picture. Districts often have a hard time stepping back and understand what works. Without the right data, that’s impossible to do.

Their goal is to help districts produce programs and procedures that increase the number children of color completing higher level math and science skills. They believe this laser focus can disrupt and innovate the educational systems that intentionally or unintentionally limits opportunities for students of color.

To learn more about the impact programming has had, view the Calculus Roundtable’s 2021 Impact report.