Here in our beloved Bay Area, one issue that is hard to avoid is the income gap between the haves and have-nots. Though there are many causes for this, one answer to this inequity is a level playing field with regard to educational opportunity.

Among the most powerful drivers of educational equity are the Promise programs in many of our communities: community-based college scholarships paired with supports throughout the educational system to make college degrees possible for ALL our young people.

The Northern California College Promise Coalition (NCCPC) is a group of Promise programs and college access non-profit organizations working together to strengthen educational equity across our state by improving the rates of college completion among low-income students.

In the Bay Area, NCCPC recruits and engages member organizations that provide the key programmatic features of a successful promise program:

1) financial assistance, 
2) academic support and student services, and 
3) clear, simple, and consistent messaging to students and their families about the resources and options available to them. 
A Steering Committee of leaders from the following NCCPC organizations collaborate to bring these communities together toward a shared vision of increased post-secondary success: Oakland Promise, Richmond Promise, Reinvent Stockton Foundation/Stockton Scholars, Students Rising Above, 10,000 Degrees, the Making Waves Foundation/CAP, and the cities of San Francisco and Oakland.

Since officially launching in November 2019, NCCPC has successfully grown its membership and advanced activities and actions in each of our four (4) key areas: Policy, Workforce, Campus Partnerships, and Communities of Practice.

For questions about NCCPC contact Meredith “Mer” Curry at