Founded in 2019, the Northern California College Promise Coalition (NCCPC) brings together over thirty member organizations to make college accessible and affordable; their vision is to end income and wealth disparities. NCCPC is the backbone organization that skillfully coordinates this collaboration for collective impact. Collectively their members serve over 60,000 students across 12 Northern California counties. Four working committees currently engage 100+ different leaders and staff across the membership to operationalize their vision and goals:

  • Policy: Through advocacy coordination, NCCPC focuses on systems change efforts that promote college access, affordability, persistence, and success.
  • Campus Partnerships: They partner with colleges and enter student-level data-sharing agreements for a coordinated care approach that includes on- and off-campus programs, resources, and financial support.
  • Workforce: Employer and programmatic partnerships allow us to develop students’ career clarity and provide targeted internship and job placement.
  • Communities of Practice: A peer-learning space allows for the co-creation of best and first practices, and development, implementation, and continuous improvement of solutions TOGETHER. 

For questions about NCCPC contact Meredith “Mer” Curry Nuñez at