Coach Pete supports the vision for Montalvin Manor K-8 School by supporting a positive culture and climate across campus and ensuring all students have access to behavioral interventions and supports. Coach Pete works closely with the school administrative team to lead and provide structured recess, provide at-risk students with social supports and Tier 2 interventions, and facilitates in-school suspension and restorative meetings for students returning to school from suspension or incarceration.

Coach Pete brings over 18 years of experience, working with children and families across many demographics. His core values are EMPATHY, CONSISTENCY, and LOVE.

So far, he has started: intervention groups, social skills groups and a youth leadership group. He also works as a middle school sports coach.

In addition to his current projects, he plans on starting a: middle school radio station/ podcast, a music and engineering group, a financial literacy group, and a stem and 3D printing group. 

To support Coach Pete’s work, click “Donate” and choose “Best Foundation” from the Fiscal Project Menu. All donations are tax-deductible and will support the work at Montalvin Manor this year through the Ed Fund.