Three weeks in

I’m 3 weeks into my first year at CSUSM, and I’m loving it. The campus is absolutely beautiful and the weather is perfect. My everyday walk to class has me feeling like I’m on vacation 24/7. Palm tree overload is real and I have no complaints whatsoever. Besides the awesome weather and aesthetics, the people over here are great! They are all so friendly and open to getting to know one another. I have met so many amazing individuals. Just the other day I met a group of international students coming from Brazil, Germany, Greece, Ireland, and Dubai. Having the opportunity to be surrounded by such a diverse group of people is beyond enlightening. I’m proud to be a part of a university that fosters diversity at such a high level, because as we all may know, diversity is what enhances social development and promotes creative thinking.
Before starting college, I must admit that I was bit nervous and scared. Nervous because I would be leaving my family and everything I was accustomed to, and scared because I had no idea what to expect from my professors. Thankfully, my transition from living at home, to having to become independent has been just fine. In addition to that, my classes and professors are amazing! I have learned so much in the past three weeks. It’s awesome to notice that the things learned in one class, correlate with another. For example, in my GEL class we learned about social identity and the cycle of socialization, which helped give me a better understanding of sociological imagination in my sociology class. Also, I really enjoy my math class because it is nothing like the math I’ve done before. Instead of going about a problem using a certain equation/formula, we get in depth and analyze the concepts. It almost feels like an English class because we are constantly writing paragraphs explaining are thinking process. Everything I’ve learned so far makes me eager and excited for the knowledge I will have gained by the end of my freshmen year.