Duo Incendio’s mission is to spread joy and inspiration through performances, and to empower youth by learning new skills through the practice of circus and flow arts, while having fun!


Through this circus and flow arts program, Duo Incendio aims to engage the kids in activities that promote clear communication among peers, teamwork, and celebration of each child’s unique personality when integrated with a circus or flow art discipline. Ideally, these teachings culminate with a show or presentation at the end of the semester, created by the students that display the skills they learned, and the fun they had.

Each class will include a physical warm up, along with clown & theatre exercises to focus their energies. For the rest of class, a circus or “flow art” discipline will be introduced, which include juggling balls, diabolos, spinning plates, rola bola, poi spinning, hula hoops, levitating wands, and acro pyramids. Certain days to focus on an activity that may requires brain presence & focus (like juggling) along with something more kinesthetic (like hula hoop) to balance out the experience. Time will be spent learning and practicing the fundamentals of these props. Each student can choose what they’d like to focus on for their Show.


Meet the Team

Aileen Lawlor and Cesar Amaruc are professional entertainers that have performed around the world and taught Circus & Flow Arts to youth & adults in several countries; Cesar, a phenomenal modern juggler & clown is originally from Nicaragua. Mainly self-taught after being introduced to juggling by a traveling brigade from Spain, Cesar started a social circus program “El Nido de Las Artes” in his barrio in Northern Nicaragua in 2012 for the children of the area that both he and Aileen have worked. While he is now based in the Bay Area, he still visits the program a few times a year to share new skills & encourage development of new ones, along with facilitating circus parades, fire shows, and community activities in the barrio.

Aileen is a bilingual, multi-faceted performer. After training as an actor in NYC, she developed a curiosity to learn from the world and a love for expression of self through movement, which is how she came into the world of Flow Arts in 2004. She started connecting the dots between acting & circus on the Performer’s Without Borders tour in Nicaragua in 2014, a three-month tour that introduced her to the joy of teaching circus arts to children in high-risk areas. She went on to lead the PWB Nicaragua tour in 2016, and has worked with children in Central America & the Bay Area since then, the Living Dream Arts social circus Mexico tour in 2019, and with Prescott Circus of Oakland in 2022.