The Mindful Literacy program fosters the well-being and self-efficacy of both teachers and students by introducing them to mindfulness and self-compassion practices as well as creative writing exercises. The three Cs of the program are compassion, connection, and creativity, Mindfulness increases attention, executive function, personal well-being and compassion. Strengthening students’ awareness and empathy equips them to engage more successfully in writing tasks and collaboration with their peers.


  1. Promote compassion, connection, and self-expression in the classroom
  2. Offer stress management strategies for both teachers and students
  3. Increase student engagement, behavior, and academic performance
  4. Increase teacher retention

Strategies: To support teachers:

  1. Day-long retreat before start of school year
  2. 8-week seminar after school or during collaboration time
  3. Individual coaching throughout the school year

To support classrooms:

  1. 8-week introductory mindfulness course
  2. Mindful community building workshop every two weeks
  3. Mindful writing workshop