Stronger Brains
LaVonya DeJean Middle School

Supported by the West Contra Costa County Public Education Fund (Ed Fund)

Stronger Brains is a program which aims to drive changes in the brain that restores the brain to health. We are currently conducting a study in LaVonya Dejean Middle School in Richmond, California. We use cutting edge computer based training programs, the same one used bt Tom Brady of the Patriots, to ameliorate the negative effects of trauma and ACEs on the children’s brains. In doing so, we improve executive functioning, working memory, emotional regulation, behavioral control, and social awareness. Also targeted are the substrates of good academic performance. As a consequence, reading and math improve. Our goal is to help every child beset by difficult circumstances have the same chance to succeed as any child who is more fortunate. None of this would be possible without the fantastic support we have received from the Ed Fund. We believe that our program represents part of the future for all classrooms. There are two parts to the program, one is a mindfulness based application, the second is the brain training program developed by Mike Merzenich at Posit Neuroscience and professor emeritus at U.C.S.F. Dr. Merzenich is the world’s leading researcher on brain plasticity

At Stronger Brains we are a team of Neuroscientists, Psychologists, and Medical Doctors. We are proud to be working with the ED Fund to help change the lives of these children!