West County Music is a group of professional musicians and instructors with the mission of improving accessibility to music lessons in the community through providing affordable instrument classes after school.


West County Music believes in the philosophy that music education can lead to a life-long passion that pulls from cultures around the world. The organization strives to create a fun, interactive learning environment that allows students to fully express themselves with their peers and through their instruments. The act of learning music facilitates the use of patience, discipline, and creativity when tackling difficult tasks in academia. The program ultimately aims to foster a safe community of young musicians excited to learn.


Students who learn musical instruments will become familiar with the principles of practice and the language of music, developing their physical and aural self-awareness, as well as having the opportunity to demonstrate their progress. As an after-school enrichment activity, these lessons would also support in-school music education opportunities by enabling elementary students younger than the 4th and 5th grades to begin learning musical instruments.

Lesson plans are structured around the needs of the students to ensure the class is learning at a comfortable pace. These lessons will comprise interactive activities that incorporate music theory, ear training, and rhythm, where each student has the opportunity to participate and grow every week. Instructors carefully monitor technique and progress of students to make adjustments to the lesson plan as necessary.