​​ Young Leaders is currently held at Washington Elementary. It’s mission is to teach students leadership skills through physical education classes, its junior coach program, and student mentorship program. Through weekly physical education classes students get the opportunity to experience inclusive play, a mix of modern exercises, and learn a plethora of classic recess games and as well as new games for an overall fun experience during PE with Brandon Young. 

The Young Leaders Junior Coach program gives a select group of 4th-6th grade students the opportunity to hold leadership roles during recess. Some things that you can expect to see Junior Coaches doing at recess include but are not limited to leading games, maintaining equipment, and mediating minor disagreements amongst their peers. There is a rigorous process to become a Junior coach which includes an application process, teacher recommendation, and finally a coach recommendation. 

The final aspect of the Young Leaders is the mentorship program. With teacher approval and a willingness to give back to their school community, upper grade students have the opportunity to partner with their younger peers who experience academic/behavioral hardships in the classroom and at recess. Mentors are able to partner with their younger peers in class to assist them with their classwork, be a friend to them at recess, and to ultimately role model what a scholar looks like in and outside of the classroom. All aspects of the Young Leaders program are directed and overseen by Brandon.

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