The Ed Fund is immersed in the collective nature of Richmond and West Contra Costa County. We recognize that to create change, we can’t do it alone. It is this way of working that has made the Ed Fund organization that the community members and organizations trust to help move forward initiatives.

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The Richmond Rapid Response Fund

The West Contra Costa COVID Community Care Coalition (WCC Care Coalition) launched the Richmond Rapid Response Fund (R3F) in response to the growing needs of the Richmond community.  Led by a core team of  community and government leaders from the City of Richmond, The RYSE Center, Ed Fund West, Richmond Promise, and Building Blocks for Kids (BBK), the Richmond Rapid Response Fund (R3F) was born from a community-centered process that began the first week of the region-wide shelter in place.  The R3F will provide, coordinate, and advocate for direct resources and support to heal our community in the wake of these ongoing crises and systemic racism. Beyond this pandemic, the fund will create healing centered, racially just policies, practices, and investments for long term community transformation.

The fund will support the community during the COVID-19 pandemic in three phases:

  1. Direct financial disbursement and providing immediate rent assistance to residents
  2. Expand financial assistance and support for individuals, households, businesses, and community-based organizationsThis phase includes the establishment of a Rent Assistance Program for Displacement and Homelessness Prevention to provide greater financial assistance to individuals and households at risk of losing their housing as eviction moratoriums expire.
  3. Facilitate community needs assessment and ongoing infrastructure support

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