Fruit of My Labor

It has been 4 weeks now since the first day of college! And let me say, I LOVE and enjoy every moment of it. The environment is so different from high school. College is seriously a place where you can start fresh, and truly find yourself and what you want. I was instantly molded into a responsible individual. I had to plan out my schedule and the hours I would spend outside of class: Studying, reading, and doing homework. In addition to responsibilities I have, I now am in charge of all my expenses. Books are no joke and so are the online portals I need to do quizzes and homework. Thank God for scholarships!

The campus is very different as well; the lecture halls are filled with a bunch of individuals that want a better future for themselves. Attending a community college is one of the best decisions that I have ever made. I am surrounded by people that went down the wrong path, and realized that they messed up. But turned their lives around and made the decision to go back to school and pursue their dreams. That alone is a testimony that it is NEVER to late to run after that dream. Dreams do not have expiration dates, as long as there is determination it will be achieved. In addition to the students the professors are so inspiring, my sociology teacher hit me with one of the best quotes ever, “Let the world teach you HOW to think not WHAT to think.”

There is so much to college, but you learn to love it!