My First Week as a College Student

As my first week of college slowly becomes history I can say I survived. I had so many fears and many doubts but in the midst of it all, I decided to keep calm and enjoy every moment that has been granted to me. I’ve gained new friends, new study places, a new local church and most importantly a community that I can call my second home. I am not going to lie, I’ve felt homesick, tired and frustrated. I either miss my family, I don’t want to deal with homework or I don’t have rides to go out of campus and enjoy the things that are offered in Redding. However, I can say that little by little I’m going to grow as the person I dreamed of becoming, the person that my parents wished for me – a person who lives to do whatever it is that I love to do and make the best of it.
This week, my English teacher Dr. Phillipian asked us to write a short write about why we decided to enroll into a higher educational school (college). I noticed that I hadn’t really thought about that specific question. I was always thinking about getting into college but not much of what I was going for. I then thought for a good 3 hours and came up with this.
I’m primarily here at Simpson University with the purpose of getting a diploma – not to brag but to empower others to do the same or even go farther than what I wish to accomplish. I wish to go back to my community one day and be someone that brings hope and joy. Secondly, I came to college to learn not only academically but also experience life with a different community than the one that I am used to at home. I longed to create the experiences many of my teachers and other college students spoke about – that had to do with colleagues, late night studies and fun days out of campus. Last but not least I came to college to get a step closer to that dream of mine of becoming a college professor. I could only achieve this by going through college. With this said, I am more than positive that I am where I needed to be.
And of course yes, [college] will be tiring and time consuming, but this is my dream and I am living it. More than survive, I lived and have enjoyed every step. My only hope is that I keep on moving forward and I reach my dreams one by one.